Give your clients the tool they want to use that automatically gets you more referrals and more repeat business.


This is Amanda. She's your existing client and also your best source for new business.

She refers you to her friends and family

And comes back to you for updating her estate plan.

As the years pass, you try to keep contact with her thru e-mails and letters.

But, with emails and letters you have no guarantee that she even opens your messages.

Indeed, studies show that 40% of your clients miss your messages.

When you fail to keep your clients engaged, you lose referrals as clients forget you.

And for clients that you do engage, you give them business cards to share your info. But, do you carry other people's business cards? Then why do you expect your clients to?

So, how many clients are you losing?

Lost new clients that don't require seminars

and don't require taking financial advisors to lunch.

Times Have Changed

    The Estate Attorney App gets you more referrals by:
  • keeping your clients engaged
  • making it simple for clients to share your info
  • and providing your clients with a powerful estate planning tool.

The App automatically displays a once a year notification on your client's phone reminding them of you. Studies show that 90% of customers view mobile messages.

The App makes sharing your info a simple button push. Now, your info is always with your client.

The App includes a powerful tool that empowers your clients to easily generate their personal property memo. Clients add items, select recipients, add photos and the App generates a printable memo in seconds.

The biggest dispute amongst family members is often over personal property. Yet, you hand your clients a blank sheet of paper to fill out. It's no wonder that less than 30% of clients complete their memo.

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